Bronco 1/35 Sherman T49 Workable Track Link Set




1/35 Sherman.


$18.00 SRP 


Scott Van Aken


Apparently for any 1/35 Sherman.

Bronco has also been doing upgrade parts and this set of new plastic tracks should appeal to those building the Sherman who'd like to do a version with these particular tracks. The T49 tracks were steel tracks with steel treads that were basically bars and unlike the other major variations which were either chevrons or large rubber pads.

Each link is made from five parts and is fully articulated. The kit includes 24 sprues which include all the parts needed. There are also link parts on the large sprues that are not used when doing these tracks. It will be a bit time consuming to build up these tracks, but thanks to its clever design, they appear to be the most detailed plastic tracks available. Best of all, they are not expensive.

These can be used on standard or EZ-8 suspension types. The back of the box includes full assembly  and painting instructions.

March 2011

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