Black Box 1/48 F-111F Cockpit set




$26.00 MSRP


Academy 1/48 F-111F Aardvark


Scott Van Aken

This particular set is for the Academy 1/48 F-111F. As you may know, this is an area that is in sore need of a decent cockpit. This set should also fit the Zhengdefu version as well since it is a blatant copy of the Academy kit. This is a very full set that includes a complete cockpit tub with seats, instrument panel, side walls, control sticks and all the goodies that fit in the canopy frames. The canopy actuating arms are also included so you can portray this kit with the canopy open. A very complete set and one that really needs to be with your next 1/48 F-111F.

Review set courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get this item for at least 30% below retail.

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