Airwaves Brass Set 72-115 for the Hasegawa F11F-1 Tiger

$7.41 from Aviation USK

This is just about the only detail set available for the excellent Hasegawa 1/72 F11F-1 Tiger.  

Other than a few decal sheets from Superscale and Scalemaster no other detail items are out there.  And it is a real shame as the Tiger kit just cries for a really nice resin interior set.  

Anyway, the Airwaves set is mostly for the interior of the aircraft. The exceptions are the fore and aft speedbrakes that dominate the center of the set.  The items in the lower right of the set are for the ejection sear while all others are for the interior.  I used this set when building my Tiger and will vouch that it really adds a lot to the kit.  For specifics, I direct you to that review.

This set is rather difficult to obtain here in the US.  I waited about four months for Aviation USK to get this set in.  Those of you in the UK are probably better off.  Highly recommended and a must for the Hasegawa kit.

Scott Van Aken 1