Airwaves 4039


1/48 Hobbycraft Bf-109B,C,D




Scott Van Aken


Etched brass


The first aftermarket brass set I ever used was an Airwaves set. That was for the Hasegawa 1/72 Lightning F.6 and introduced me to the genre. Frankly, I much prefer resin sets as my ability to superglue flat metal bits is poor to say the least.

Anyway, this set is for the Hobbycraft Bf-109B,C and D. Make that the early D as later models had different exhaust. Most of the bits in this set are for the outside of the aircraft. Those outlined in white are where you replace fuselage or wing sections and install access panels; these being for wing gun access and a tail panel for, I guess, the radio. Not likely to be used by me, but a nice addition. 

On the right of that are a radiator grille, cockpit backing detail and a two-piece cooling ring for the nose behind the spinner. The left has exhaust plates, instrument panel, pedals, seat belts, levers and oleo scissors. The radiator insert is particularly welcome as the Hobbycraft kit sorely needs it.

Overall, it is a nice set and worth the bucks. It will enhance your early 109 quite a bit.

Review copy courtesy of  me and my wallet.

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