Airwaves 2078


1/72 DML Ar-234B 'Blitz'




Scott Van Aken


Etched brass


This is another fine etched brass set for the Dragon/DML Arado Ar-234B jet bomber. I imagine it could also be used for the four engined Ar-234C if you wanted.

The set consists of mostly exterior parts, including a number of access panels and covers. There are also additional fins for the bomb and forward braces for the RATO units under the wings. Oleo scissors are included as well as a new entry step. On the upper fuselage, there is an ADF antenna and fuel caps. Inside are rudder pedals, seat belts and new instrument panels to replace those in the kit. There is also a framework for the upper hatch along with a brace and handle. Not shown is a small metal piece that is a pair of pilot operated cameras for the nose of the aircraft.

A very nice set and one that will enhance your Dragon Ar-234.

Review copy courtesy of  me and my wallet.

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