Avionix 1/48 F-111A Aardvark Cockpit Set




$35.00 SRP


Hobby Boss kit


Scott Van Aken

i didn't think it would take too long to get a cockpit set up and running for the new Hobby Boss kit and Avionix is the first I know of to provide one.

There are over 30 resin parts that include the usual cockpit tub, instrument panel and anti-glare panel, new seats, sidewalls, control stick and throttle as well as rudder pedals and a few other bits. The kit even includes nuclear blast glare shields, though these are optional bits. The modeler will have to modify the kit bits by removing all the sidewall detailing as well as the glare shield. The control sticks are only partial pieces. The lower sections that are slightly curved will have to be provided by the builder from plastic rod or wire. As nicely molded as the parts are, there is always room for a glitch and on this set, one of the control stick floor mount sections was short shot. By drilling it out and using a slightly longer control stick lower section, one can take care of this defect, though it really shouldn't be there at all.

As I've noticed with all Avionix sets, the instructions are very well done and are basically a series of photos showing the various bits and pieces installed. No color information is supplied, but then you can use what is given in the kit or in reference books for that information. Resin cockpits generally offer a higher level of detail over the kit items and this one does that. It should really help the cockpit stand out in the Hobby Boss kit. I'm sure we'll see other sets for the other variants once HB releases them.

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

August 2009

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