Avionix 1/48 F-102A Delta Dagger Cockpit Set






Monogram/Revell 1/48 F-102A.


Scott Van Aken

Always nice to see upgrade bits for the Monogram Century Series aircraft. As nice as the kit cockpit is, resin upgrade sets just take the detail level up another notch or two, and that is true with this set as well.

There are 18 resin parts that include the usual cockpit tub, instrument panel and anti-glare panel, new bang seat, sidewalls control stick and throttle as well as rudder pedals and a few other bits. As a personal note, I'm less than excited about a two piece control stick. Last time I tried to build one of these up I ended up using the kit version. However, many if not most of you are more skilled than I and it should provide no real problems for you. Removing the instrument panel/anti-glare shield from the resin pour stub will require a bit of patience and a fine razor saw. One must also remove all the detail molded into the kit sidewalls, but those who have experience with resin cockpits will have no trouble. Once one gets to this stage of the hobby, things like razor saws and motor tools with grinders should already be at hand and they make the work go so much smoother. An interesting bit is the windscreen divider. This was installed to provide better vision and to blank off glare from the opposing windscreen glass. It seems as if it should be a hindrance but really, it works as advertised.  s

The resin is very well done without any mold defect that I could see. Only the usual light flash and the need to remove the parts from the resin pour stubs. All in all and excellent choice to add that extra detail to the cockpit of your next Revell Intruder.

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

August 2009

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