Avionix 1/32 P-61B Radar Operator Set


BLC 32060


$24.99 SRP


Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61B


Scott Van Aken

Following the release of their superb Cockpit Set, Avionics has now produced the radar operator's position. This set contains 20 pieces and some of them are the same as what was in the cockpit set; specifically the operator's seat. This item is a five piece set consisting of the seat, back, frame and two arm rests. Also the same is the gun sight which contains ten pieces, making it the most parts intensive section of the set.

The final bits are the radar operator's station. For this we have the largest and most detailed part of the set. The back panel is complete with all of the various boxes and cables painstakingly detailed and superbly cast. The odd notch at the bottom of the piece is supposed to be like that and is not the result of a broken part. The six sided piece has the large view shield and the electronics box molded into the wafer. These will need to be removed for proper placement. The rest of this will fit under the back panel.

The set comes with complete construction photos and additional information to ensure your set will fit perfectly.

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

August 2013

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