Avionix 1/32 P-61B Cockpit Set


BLC 32059


$39.99 SRP


Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61B


Scott Van Aken

This particular set from Avionix is designed for the new Hobby Boss 1/32 P-61B Black Widow. The set is cast resin and provides a complete cockpit replacement for what is provided in the kit. It also provides a huge improvement in the detail of the cockpit. Since the cockpit also includes the gunner's position, this is included in this quite complete set. The set consists of over 50 parts, all superbly cast and free of any mold defects. The detail level of this set is considerably better than what you get in the kit.

Basically, you get a new cockpit floor, new sidewalls, a new rear bulkhead, new control column, new seats for both the pilot and gunner along with the very complex looking gun sight. You also get things like the cabin heater, fire bottle, a plethora of bits and pieces to attach to the sidewalls. A complete throttle quadrant along with separate throttle handles is also included. In addition, the set comes with new instrument panels along with detailed acetate instrument sheets to place behind them once the resin has been sanded down to open the holes.

The set includes a complete instruction sheet that consists of photos of the various sections to help with assembly. Any painting information can be gleaned from the kit instructions. This is an outstanding set that will really set off your big Hobby Boss Black Widow and you won't need to take out a loan to get one. These sorts of things usually sell out rather quickly so you need to pick yours up soon.

Thanks to Squadron Products for the review set. You can find this and other products at your local retailer.

June 2013

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