Avionix 1/32 F-80C Cockpit Set


BLC 32056


$30.00 MSRP


Czech Model 1/32 F-80C.


Scott Van Aken

This particular set from Avionix is designed for the new CzechModel 1/32 F-80C. The set is cast resin and provides a complete cockpit replacement for what is provided in the kit. It also provides a huge improvement in the detail of the cockpit. The set includes a tub, early and late ejection seats, instrument panel, rudder pedals, control stick, throttles, two styles of ejection seat foot rests (one for the early seat and one for the later one), an additional underseat framework for the later seat, sidewall detail, gunsight, and some under canopy bits.

All of the parts are very well cast and I found no molding glitches on any of it. The detailing matches what I found in 'F-80 Shooting Star Units in Korea', my primary reference for this aircraft. The Korean War era seat is the one with the flat, somewhat oval head rest. Though the kit comes with a late resin seat, the detailing on this one is a bit better and it doesn't have that odd harness clutter on the seat of the kit version. About the only part I would think twice about using is the instrument panel. The color photoetched one in the kit is much better than what I could paint. Many wonder why all this wasn't in with the kit and to be honest, I'd rather have a less expensive kit with the option of upgrading bits than an expensive kit I might think twice about buying.

The set comes with installation instruction and a parts ID section so you know what is what. It is a superbly done set and is something that you should consider, especially for doing a Korean War Shooting Star.

Thanks to Squadron/MMD for the review set. You can find this and other products on their website or from your local retailer.

April 2009

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