Attack Squadron 1/72 F-16 Bulged Gear Doors




Revell 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

When model makers produce kits, there are times when they just don't seem to get things quite right. Such is the case with Revell's 1/72 F-16. In this kit the main gear doors just don't have the proper bulging required for the wider wheels and tires of the later versions.

Attack Squadron has a fix for you in this very nice set of bulged main gear doors. The molding is exceptional and they are a direct replacement for the doors on the Revell kit. These may fit other kits, but I've been told they are too long to fit the shorter Hasegawa gear wells.

They are a very nice and inexpensive way to fix a glitch on one of the more popular kits on the market.

September 2014

Thanks to Attack Squadron for the review set. Available direct from this link.

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