Attack Squadron 1/72 F-16 Conformal Fuel Tank Set




Revell 1/72 kit


Scott Van Aken

Quite a few new and rebuilt F-16s are being delivered with upper fuselage conformal fuel tanks. Aside from the Kinetic kit (which I understand has its issues), no other 1/72 F-16 kit offers this feature. Now you can add this set of tanks to your next F-16 build, thanks to Attack Squadron. This set is designed for the Revell kit, which most 1/72 Viper builders consider the best on the market (at least until the Tamiya kit). They may fit other F-16 kits but there is no guarantee. The two tanks are superbly molded and have a minimal pour stub to clean up.

This is an excellent set and would be perfect to add to your next late model F-16C/D.

September 2014

Thanks to Attack Squadron for the review set. Available direct from this link.

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