Armor Research 1/35 76mm US M42A1 HE Rounds

KIT #:
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast Metal

Sometimes, armor builders and diorama fans need to have rounds of ammunition. Whether it be to fill empty racks in a detailed kit or to have them on the ground in a diorama. Armor Research comes to your rescue with this great pack of 20 rounds of US 76mm M42A1 HE rounds. I have to assume these are designed for the 76mm Sherman. These cast metal pieces really only need to have the small sprue pip on the bottom of the round and any small seam sanded down and it is ready to paint.

A most useful accessory or detail pieces.

September 2012

Thanks to Armor Research for the review sample. E-mail them at for information on prices and ordering.

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