Antares 1/48 Me-262 Heimatschutzer I




$42.00 From Starship Modeler Store


Any 1/48 Me-262 kit


Scott Van Aken

I have heard of Antares models, but have never seen any of their products. This Argentine company has a number of very interesting conversion sets and Starship Modeler has decided to import these sets for their on-line store.

There are three bags of goodies in a very sturdy box. One includes the majority of resin bits in a nice, blue resin. The resin is well cast with no sign of any sort of molding glitches often found in resin sets. Of course, it is engraved so one may want to use the Tamiya kit for this one, though the Monogram kit would be another worthwhile option, despite its raised panel line detailing.

The other bag includes a few more smaller resin bits and a number of white metal castings. Many of the smaller castings have a number tag cast onto the part so you know what's what. Of course, the tag will have to be removed and the underlying bit cleaned up before use. The metal castings are very nicely done. A third bag contains a decal sheet. This is also well done, but on a rather light background so I've had to fudge the image to show the white bits.

Instructions are hand drawn and convey what goes where. I'm not sure if the tail is designed to be removeable to show the Walther engine, but is sure seems as if one could do so without too much trouble. A nice drawing of the real aircraft as well as a nice color profile is included to show what the aircraft looked like. Those of you with the Classic Books series on the Me-262 should use that as an additional reference for it provides a number of additional images that will be helpful during this build.

September 2005

Review sample courtesy of those fine folks at Starship Modeler. Order yours direct from their webstore.

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