Aires 1/72 F-100D wheels






Any applicable kit


Scott Van Aken

One of the mainstays of aftermarket items are wheel sets. Often kit wheels are simply inaccurate in some respect or the detailing is soft. Such was the case with me when I bought a pair of Trumpeter F-100 kits. It is not that the wheels were so bad, but the tires were greatly oversize and besides, resin invariably has more crisp detailing. These wheels do not have any particular kit in mind and I'm sure they will fit those from Hasegawa, ESCI, Italeri and Trumpeter without any real issues. I'm, also sure one will have to drill axle holes. What is a real plus for me is that the set comes with masks. I am terrible at painting tires unless the wheel has a distinctly raised rim, something one does not always find. Though the package states they are p.e. bits, they are standard masks. There are instructions on their use also included. I had some difficulty locating these as apparently Aires has stopped manufacture, but they can be found.

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