Aires 1/32 A-7E (early) Cockpit


Aires 1/48 Junkers Jumo OO4b






Trumpeter kit


Scott Van Aken

One of the major drawbacks to Trumpeter's 1/32 A-7E is the lack of a lot of detail in the cockpit. With that large canopy, even with it closed, you can see what's inside. To assist those that want to spruce up that area, Aires has produced a replacement cockpit set. This set is quite extensive and includes not only quite a few pieces in resin, but also a photo-etch set to enhance the resin bits. This includes a harness for the included seat. It is the seat that makes this an early set as fairly late in the career of the A-7, the Escapac seat was replaced by the SJU-8 starting around 1983. The new seat was a direct replacement so it didn't take that long for the entire fleet to be modified.

The p.e. fret includes the seat harness, gun sight, rudder pedals, main instrument panels and some additional levers and such. An acetate section (not shown) provides the instruments. The set comes complete with instructions that include some fairly detailed drawings. This isn't a slam together set so you do need some experience to do a worthwhile job of things.

January 2023

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