Advanced Modeling 72227: Kh-25 Short Range Missile (AS-10)


AMC 72227




Any Appropriate 1/72 Russian Aircraft


Scott Van Aken

This next neat offering of 'things under wings' from Advanced Modeling is a pair of Kh-25 air to surface missiles. These are known in the west as the AS-10 'Karen'. These weapons are suitable for a number of Russian built aircraft including the Su-17 family, the Su-24, Su-25, and MiG-27 variants.

The set consists of a pair of missile bodies with rear fins molded as a single piece. The forward fins and the missile nozzle section are separate. Also separate are the small clear seeker windows, which are molded in clear resin. The set comes with launch rails as well, a very nice addition.

A full set of assembly instructions as well as a painting guide are included. The castings are first rate and you will not find a better set anywhere.

March 2015

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling. Their products are available at a number of specialty stockists.

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