Advanced Modeling 48230:  Kh-25ML Short Range Modular missile


AMC 48230




Any Appropriate Russian Aircraft


Scott Van Aken

This next neat offering from Advanced Modeling is a pair of short range missiles. The set comes complete with the launch rails, ready to install on the pylon of the appropriate aircraft. According to the listing, this set is suitable for a wide range of aircraft including the Su-17, Su-17M, Su-22M, Su-24M, Su-25, MiG-27K, MiG-27M and MiG-27D aircraft.

The set is superbly molded with the main body and aft fins molded as a single piece. The smaller forward fins are in resin and can be seen on the same stub as the tail sections. Clear seeker heads are provided along with a full set of stencils. The set comes with full instructions on assembly and a stencil placement guide. A great set for the fan of modern Russian aircraft.

Here is a photo of the real think, courtesy of Advanced Modeling. Note that the red bits are protective covers. Notice also the different shades of white, the cream nose section and the cover over the exhaust nozzle area.

April 2015

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling.

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