Advanced Modeling 48111: Bomb Loading Cart


AMC 48111




Any Appropriate Russian ordnance


Scott Van Aken

This next neat offering from Advanced Modeling is a bomb cart. This cart looks to be what would be used to load some rather heavy or bulky ordnance and is the type that is more like a crane than a standard cart.

As with all Advanced Modeling resin, the casting of the parts is flawless. The set comes with a photo etch fret, most of that for the crane portion of the cart. The builder will need to provide some plastic rod for a few bits, but nothing that those who are used to building things like this will have on had or be able to make out of stretched sprue.

The kit comes with full assembly instructions and while there are no painting instructions, it seems like all Russian ordnance GSE is painted in a variety of greens with some in what looks like FS 34102 and others 34227. I tried to find a photo of this on the 'net, but my googling skills were not up to the task so here is a drawing from the instructions to show the completed item.

Thanks to several folks who sent in photos or links for this item. Apparently it can be painted either red, yellow, green, or a combination of colors as seen by this one from AM.

March 2015

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling.

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