Advanced Modeling 48107-1: Hydraulic Jacks with traverse




$8.00 SRP


Any Appropriate 1/48 Soviet Aircraft


Scott Van Aken

Moving away from weapons, this next item from the folks at Advanced Modeling is something one does not often see done in aftermarket. It is a set of hydraulic jacks and a traverse beam. These are not large and are used to jack up aircraft so the wheels can be changed. The jack itself can be used on a variety of aircraft as it simply sits under the gear leg and hoists it up far enough to make the change. On some aircraft that have dual main wheels, this is not as easy so the traverse is used. Specifically, this is for the Su-24 and Su-34 aircraft. I've included a couple of photos showing the jack in use. The jack includes two different levels of piston for you to use.



October 2013

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling.

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