Advanced Modeling 48074: KAB-500Kr 500kg TV Guided Bomb


AMC 48074




Any Appropriate 1/48 Russian Aircraft


Scott Van Aken

This next neat offering of 'things under wings' from Advanced Modeling is a pair of KAB-500Kr 500kg television guided bombs. These bombs are suitable for a number of Russian aircraft such as the MiG-27K, MiG-29SMT, Su-24M, SU-25TM/SM, Su-30MKL/MKK, and the Su-34.

There are two bombs in the set and they consist of the main bodies with fins, a nose section and the clear section for the seeker head. Not shown is a photo etch end cap for the bombs. There is a complete decal sheet included in the set. Instructions not only show how to put the bombs together, but offer painting information as well as full decal placement.

I have included a photo of one of these bombs. Note that they could also be overall darker grey. The red bits are covers designed to protect parts of the bomb from damage.

March 2015

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling.

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