Advanced Modeling 48049: FAB-250 M-62 Bombs






Any Appropriate 1/48 Soviet Aircraft


Scott Van Aken

More neat Russian bombs from the folks at Advanced Modeling. This set is what I guess would be the equivalent of the US Mk 80 series of slick bombs. This set contains two pairs of FAB-250 M-62 bombs which I guess is a 250kg bomb.

The bomb is molded in a single piece and one only has to remove it from the pour stub. On the stub are two different length fuses for the nose so don't go and toss those! Casting is world class with no errors in terms of molding glitches. Frankly, it has been a long time since I've seen poorly cast resin, something that used to be the standard on resin parts.

The bomb is suitable for a wide range of Russian jets from the Su-7B to the Yak-130. Each package contains four bombs. Very much worth the effort of seeking out.

September 2013

Review sample courtesy of Advanced Modeling.

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