Signifer 1/48 G-21B Transkit (Portugal)

SET: SN48016



Scott Van Aken


Resin and metal

This latest set from Signifer is what the car guys call a transkit and most airplane folks call a conversion. Basically, this set is to convert the Signifer 1/48 JRF-5 Goose to a Portuguese G21B version. The major difference in the two is that the JRF is an amphibious version with wheels whereas the Portuguese one is not.

To that extent, the set includes a number of items to help you make the non-wheeled version. First off, the cockpit of the two is different and so you get a full replacement cockpit with seats that is loaded with detail. There are also a pair of blanking plates to replace the wheel wells on the standard JRF kit. Also included in this set are a blanking plate for the tail wheel well, a new upper hatch, new ADF antenna and new window for the aft portion of the right side.

A beaching dolly is also included in the kit. Though not shown, there is a photo etch fret for the upper hatch rails and handles, a metal ring for the ADF antenna along with both steel and brass wire for axles, beaching handle and a few other items.

The set comes with very nicely drawn instructions with precise measurements to show where all the bits are attached. Some color photos are included that show the bits in place to assist with the build. Decals are included for an overall silver or unpainted metal aircraft. Painting instructions for the interior and exterior are provided with decal placement provided either by the box art or an illustration on their web site. Decals are nicely done and are apparently also used for their Widgeon kit.

I am also wondering if perhaps this set might fit the ancient ITC kit that has been reissued by Glencoe from time to time. Perhaps, but it would take an enterprising modeler to give it a go.

A truly fine resin conversion set that is meant for experienced modelers, but will result in something a bit different from the norm. This will be available direct from the link below once the web site is updated.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

September 2015

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