Signifer 1/48 USAAF Fork Lift WWII

SET: SN48003


5.00 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken



Those doing dioramas are always looking for things to add into them that bring them to life. 1/48 aircraft fans have not always had a goodly choice of items. Thanks to Signifer, one more bit that was seen quite often on USAAF air fields is now available. This is a manually operated fork lift. Most will use this as a bomb hoist.

Signifer's molding is first rate and one only has to remove the part from the pour stub or remnants thereof and give it a bit of a cleaning before assembly. There is a nice set of instructions for this one and Signifer includes some sections of metal rod to use for axles and the long control arm. You will notice that one also gets a wood cradle used to lift the bomb into place. The cart itself would be in Olive Drab (of course) and you can use the photos of completed cart on the header card or their web site if you need more help with colors.

A truly fine diorama accessory that will enhance your next project or just be something interesting to build up on its own. These are available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

January 2012

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