Signifer 1/32 Me-262 Complete wheel set

SET: SN32005


10.15 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken


Resin for the Trumpeter kit

This is another fine wheel set from the folks at Signifer. This one is designed for the Trumpeter 1/32 Me-262 kit, though I'm sure it will look just as nice on the older Revell and Hasegawa versions. This set includes both the smooth and the ribbed nose tire as one could easily find photos of planes with either one. In addition to the superbly molded wheels, Signifer includes a section of flexlible wire to use for brake lines. A small instruction sheet is included showing where the lines are attached. It is small detail extras like this that make Signifer aftermarket items so appealing.

These are available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

December 2008

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