Signifer 1/32 USAAF Starter Cart

SET: SN32004


15.55 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken



Those doing dioramas are always looking for things to add into them that bring them to life. 1/32 aircraft fans have not always had a goodly choice of items. Thanks to Signifer, one more bit that was seen quite often on USAAF air fields is now available. This is the electric starting cart. These were plugged into the side of the aircraft so they could start engines and get the on-board generator going. Sure, these planes had batteries, but if the start cart was available, I can guarantee you that they'd prefer to use it and save on battery life.

This kit contains five resin sprues and various sections of wire or rod. The main part of the generator is a single, superb casting to which all the various other bits and pieces are attached. Signifer has even removed most of the pour stub from this bit. The others include the various valves and pumps along with the attachment points for the resin wheels. A small decal sheet is included for some of the information placards. You might also notice that the handle for this cart is preformed out of what looks to be bronze wire so no worries about trying to bend that into the right position. There are a set of well drawn assembly instructions included that also give the colors of some of the smaller items. The cart itself would be in Olive Drab and you can use the photos of completed carts on the header card as a reference.

A truly fine diorama accessory that will enhance your next project or just be something interesting to build up on its own. These are available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

December 2008

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