Signifer 1/32 TBF/M Avenger Wheels

SET: SN32003


9.5 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken



It is generally a truism that some kit components are not as crisply molded as others. This is particularly true of wheels, so there is a rather large market for these. Signifer joins in this group by offering a set of superbly cast wheels for the Trumpeter 1/32 TBF/M Avenger. These wheels need little more than a bit of cleaning around the pour stub (or in the case of the tail wheel, removal from that stub), before being ready to paint and attach. The modeler will have to drill out the axle mounting holes on the mail wheels, but that is really about it.

If you have the Trumpeter kit, then these would be a perfect addition. These are available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

December 2008

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