Signifer 1/32 Luftwaffe Oil Cart

SET: SN32002


21,00 MSRP from  Signifer


Scott Van Aken


Resin kit

Signifer is a name you have probably heard of and that is about it. They are based in France and produce a number of full kits and accessories, mostly leaning towards the seaplane/floatplane sort of thing.

This particular set is a superb accessory for any Luftwaffe diorama in 1/32 scale and would not look out of place in a 1/35 scale effort. Molded in several more interesting shades of resin, the detailing on these parts is first rate. The parts are pretty well free of any molding glitches though you might find a tiny void now and then, it is nothing major and easily taken care of. I found the resin that is used in the hoses to be interesting as it is flexible enough to allow these items to be bent into the shape that is needed without breaking. Signifer also provides all the bits of tubing and wire that is needed.

Instructions are quite well done on one side of a sheet of standard paper. There are notes as to the colors needed and several well done photographs for assistance. You can also used the images on the header card to help. Either panzer grey or panzer tan would be appropriate and one needs to make sure this is pretty well grunged up, as clean oil bowsers are not.

A superlative resin accessory that you should seriously consider. These are available direct from the link below.

My thanks to Signifer for the review copy.

December 2008

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