Scobie-Do Productions 1/72 F-86 slatted wing




CDN$25.00 MSRP


Academy/Hobbycraft kit 


Scott Van Aken


A new company in Canada, Scobie-Do Productions, has started a small line of resin conversion sets and has been kind enough to send in their 1/72 Saber slatted wing set. This is designed for the Academy or Hobbycraft kit, but will undoubtedly fit the Fujimi one and perhaps the Heller kit as well.

Most of you know that the slats on the Sabre were extended when on the ground, though they could be pinned 'up'. This set is a direct replacement for the kit and has a one-piece wing with separate slats. The slats are properly airfoil shaped; nice and thin on the trailing edge.

The quality of the molding itself is quite good. There are a few imperfections as you can see from the close-up, and you'll have to remove the small remnants of the pour stubs as well as a small amount of flash, but compared to many other resin products, these are quite minor and easily fixed. Their initial choices of subjects is a good one and they should do quite well. I recommend you give this or one of their other products a shot. I think you'll be pleased with it.

Late addition. There has been some concern that the slat area might have a notch in it as do many kits that offer optional up or down slats. Well, as you can see from the image, that is not the case. I mean, what is the point of buying an extended slat wing if one is going to model it slats up?

April 2009

Thanks Scobie-Do Productions for the review set. You can contact them at as they do not yet have a web site. Just to give them a boost, here are the other items in their line:

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