Part P72-065: Panzer III ausf M fenders
KIT #: P-72-065
PRICE: $13.99
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Set is designed for the Revell kit.

There are times when photo etch upgrade parts make a lot of sense. One of those times is when you are trying to duplicate the fairly thin fenders of WWII tanks. These items were often damaged on the ends and edges during use, attesting to their relative fragility.

This fairly complex set from Part is for the Revell Panzer III ausf M, though I'm thinking it would be useful on other variants as well. The set is just for the fenders, their mounting and reinforcement braces. The two large open bits are the fenders to which you will install all the various panels along with the braces and mounting plates. Yes, there are a lot of small bits with this one, but when you opt for etched upgrade parts, that is what you get.

While it won't be a simple slap together set, It very much looks like it will add a lot of additional realism to your kit.

February 2021

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