Master AM72-016: FuG 220 German Radar Aerials
KIT #: AM72-016
PRICE: $10.00 or so
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast brass antennas.

One of the more used German WWII airborne radar sets was the FuG 220 Lichtenstein SN-2. These were frequently referred to as 'stag horn' antennas due to their size and shape.

In most kits, these are oversize and this is more due to the limitations of injection molding. Doing these in resin would result in a lot of broken parts as they are so thin. The only alternative is to use cast metal and brass works very well.

This set includes five support posts and the two smaller dipoles that fit on them. These dipoles are recommended to be soldered in place as that will provide the greatest strength. Then the assembly can be attached to the posts that stick out of the nose of the aircraft. One can drill small holes in these so that the brass 'H' assembly can simply be plugged in. If the set has a downside, it is that you have to attach the dipoles to the outside of the support. It would be more realistic to have holes in these supports through which the dipoles can be inserted as is done on the real deal. However, that is not an option.

There are other etched brass sets out there, but these are truly 3D and will look a lot better. Worth picking up but be ready for a bit of additional work assembling them. The set does come with instructions.

May 2020

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