Resikit 1/48 A-7A/B/C/E Wheel Set


RS 480018


$7.20 plus shipping from Ukraine


Any 1/48 Navy A-7 Corsair II


Scott Van Aken

There are several relatively inexpensive items that can help most jet kits. One is a resin ejection seat, and another are replacement wheels. Often times kit wheels don't have a very high level of detail or are just wrong for the variant being modeled. This set from Resikit is for the Navy versions of the A-7 Corsair II. The USAF used a different design wheel.

This set includes both nose and main wheels. Each has a fore and aft wheel piece with a separate tire. This set up makes painting much easier as there is no need to mask anything. Since this is a 'universal' set, the modeler will need to drill the proper size hole to match the kit's axle. It is a useful set and well worth picking up.

January 20231

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