Zotz 48-006: Vivacious Vipers #1

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Scott Van Aken

This set covers the F-16s of  seven different countries. Specifically Bahrain, Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Pakistan, Portugal, and Turkey. I'll state that you can do at least one aircraft from every country from the sheet and of most of the countries there are multiple options. The sheet provides just unique markings as there are many other decal makers that will provide you with data sheets and walkways, though you can make the walkways with Microscale basic stripe decals.

The decals themselves are beautifully done and very colorful. As you can see from the image above, there are three sheet and two small addendum bits to take care of some color/spelling errors that crept into the print. Probably the largest deccal is that of the Danish 50th Anniversary of NATO aircraft. While the modeler will have to paint the dark blue, the gold bits are given and that will help. The Turkish aircraft now carry unit badges on the fins and those are all supplied as are two different shades of grey for the Pakistani aircraft. Egyptian orange ID stripes are provided, which should really help out those who are not into painting and masking.

The instruction booklet is most complete and provides lots of helpful hints and suggestions when it comes to those differences between various aircraft. Complete camouflage patterns are provided, something that comes in very handy when doing the Greek aircraft with their complicated 'ghost' camo scheme.

All in all an outstanding decal set and one that is also available in 1/72. If F-16s are your passion, this is the sheet for you.

Thanks to Albatros Decals for the review sheet. You can find this and other products on their website.

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