Yellow Wings 48-058: Curtiss F11C-2/BFC-2

For: Lindberg andClassic Airframes 1/48 kit




Scott Van Aken

Next, we have a sheet for a kit that one doesn't see that often. The F11C-2 was kitted by Lindberg and by Classic Airframes. The former is probably going to be easier to find than the latter, and less expensive. Your editor built the Lindberg kit back several decades ago and was pleased with the result. The BFC-2, a similar aircraft, was kitted by Classic Airframes. Since the company's demise, these have been somewhat elusive for those seeking one.

Anyway, Yellow Wings has produced a sheet that has markings for four of these planes.

The cover plane with the red tail and yellow trim is from VF-1B aboard the USS Saratoga during 1933. You'll need to paint the tail and cowling on this F11C-2.

Also on the Saratoga, but this time in 1937 is a white tailed plane with red trim BFC-2. It was attached to VB-3.

In green trim with a white tail, also from 1937 and also aboard the Saratoga is a second BFC-2. This one was also with VB-3.

Finally, another BFC-2 from VB-6 in 1938. This USS Enterprise-borne plane has black trim and a True Blue tail.

For those who can only find the Lindberg kit, there is a conversion set available and the sheet gives that information.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. The sheet includes all the unique markings and stripes needed to complete this aircraft. Only data markings may have to come from the kit sheet as even wing walk areas are on the decals. Yellow Wings has to have among the finest instructions and markings placement guides offered with this one being in full color so there are no worries about what goes where. 

In addition to their excellent instructions is a copy of a letter from January 1933 that was sent by Curtiss to the Navy regarding the painting of the aircraft prior to delivery. An interesting bit of history.

August 2011

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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