Yellow Wings 48-052: P-36A, 1938/39

For: Hobbycraft 1/48 kit




Scott Van Aken

Moving to 1/48 scale, this new Yellow Wings sheet has the markings for two P-36A Hawks, both based rather far apart, but both on the west side of the US. The recommended kit for this is the Hobbycraft version. As they are P-36As, they have no wing guns and carry one .30 and one .50 caliber gun in the cowling. Both are overall unpainted metal with the red, white and blue rudder stripes.

First one is the plane shown on the package cover. This one is from Elmendorf Field, Alaska. As it is the commander's plane, it carries two fuselage stripes. For this unit, they are in yellow as is the full cowling save cowl flaps. Let me mention that the package front says 35th PS and the markings guide says 21st. I've not been able to verify either one with a web search (which tells me the 18th was based at Elmendorf during this time) , so perhaps one of you will be able to straighten me out.

The other option is from the 77th Pursuit Squadron that was based at Moffet Field, California, Like the previous example, it is the commander's plane and has red fuselage stripes. It also has a red cowling except that the front of the cowling is left in bare metal. This makes the cowling look as if it has a broad red band around it.

Of course both options will need the cowling painted to match the fuselage stripes. The sheet also contains wing walk areas, so no need to paint those unless you want to.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. The sheet includes all the unique markings and stripes needed to complete this aircraft. Only data markings may have to come from the kit sheet. Yellow Wings has to have among the finest instructions and markings placement guides offered with this one being in full color so there are no worries about what goes where. 

August 2011

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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