Yellow Wings 48-006: TBD Devastator

Units: VS-42/71




Scott Van Aken

Well, here is something a bit different. It is not the subject, but a re-release of an older sheet number, but with new subjects. The previous sheet had VT-5/6 planes and this one has VS-42 and VS-71 aircraft. Like the other sheets by Yellow Wings, it is superbly printed by Microscale and offers all the unique markings you'd want to do the two aircraft. Though there are only enough insignia for one plane, you can get extras on sheet 48-005. There are also prop markings and tip decals and LSO tail stripes.

The instructions are first rate and give a step by step application sequence in case you are new to aftermarket sheets. The markings themselves are for a TBD of VS-42 aboard USS Ranger and VS-71 aboard USS Wasp. The sheet indicates that the colors are matched to ModelMaster enamels and gives the pertinent information so that one has no problems when it comes to painting the tail surfaces and cowlings.

Though there is a diagram for the main players on the sheet, with some careful trimming, one could do aircraft 16 of VS-42 or aircraft 18 of VS-71 and there are profiles to help with painting these planes. Of course, the serials wouldn't match, but that may not be a problem. If you notice the thin black stripes, those are used to outline the yellow bands if they are used. There are also a few extra Neutrality Patrol insignia and a trio of Japanese 'kill' markings for other projects as they'd be inappropriate for pre-war planes.

Overall an excellent set of decals with superb instructions. If your local shop doesn't carry them, ask them to start!

September 2008

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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