Yellow Wings 48-004: Black and White pinstripes

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Scott Van Aken

Here's a novel sheet. This one covers the pin striping often used to boarder the wing and fuselage bands on pre-war USN aircraft. Not only were they used on the bands, but also they frequently found their way to the cowlings. In fact, BuAer dictated just what color pin stripe was to be used with which band and cowling colors!

The instructions give several examples as to how they were used. What's more, many of us just find black or white stripes of this size to be useful in a number of other applications, such as delineating cheat lines on civil and other aircraft. A most useful sheet and one I can recommend as a good utility sheet.

BTW, while it looks as if there are different widths, that is caused by the scanning and they really are all the same width.

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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