Yellow Wings 32-035; P-26A 1934-35

Units: 95 PS/17 PG




Scott Van Aken

This latest one will be very much appreciated by a lot of modelers as Yellow Wings has moved into doing USAAC aircraft and in 1/32 as well. No better choice than a P-26A as the venerable Hasegawa kit has really needed some options done with modern decals.

This particular set covers an aircraft from the 95 PS/17 PG from the 1934/35 time period. Olive drab fuselage and orange-yellow wings as was typical for the time. The trim on this one is blue and yellow. The modeler will need to paint some of the yellow on the tail and head rest but not on the leading edge of the spats or on the cowling as those latter bits are included on the decal sheet. As with the previous two sheets, the command bands around the wings are provided as decals. Yellow wings has even included the wing walk areas  as decals.

A full data suite is provided with the set and the instructions have very large and easy to read placement guides. In addition, the instructions have very clear markings placement information. It is a superb set of markings for an old friend and a set that I can very easily recommend to you.

May 2010

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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