Yellow Wings 32-031: 31st PG P-39D, Carolina war games 1941

For: MPM/Special Hobby 1/32 kit




Scott Van Aken

This new Yellow Wings sheet is one that I'm surprised to see. It covers a rather colorful P-39, a plane one doesn't normally consider 'yellow wings' territory as they were all camouflaged save for the prototype. However it is quite colorful, so inclusion in their line is logical.

The large and colorful Microscale-printed sheet contains the markings for one of the 'umpire' aircraft that was flying during the large Carolina war games of 1941. This series of exercises was designed to see how well prepared the US military would be for war and much was learned as a result.

As with any complicated game, there was a need for an umpire and this particular aircraft was painted in appropriate markings. The large yellow tail section and UMP markings made it clear that this was not a participant in the exercises. The broad green fuselage band provides even more color. From the multi-colored spinner, one can see that this was one of the aircraft of the Headquarters unit of the 31st PG. Were it the commander's plane, it would have been number 1.

The sheet includes all the unique markings and stripes needed to complete this aircraft. They even include the wing walk markings. Only data markings may have to come from the kit sheet. Yellow Wings has to have among the finest instructions and markings placement guides offered with this one being in full color so there are no worries about what goes where. The instructions even include a large photo of this aircraft. Even in 1941 when the plane was still quite new, the OD paint appears to have faded quite a bit.

August 2011

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