Yellow Wings Decals 32-015:  P-35, 17th and 94th PS
For: Williams Brothers 1/32 kit




Scott Van Aken

Yellow Wings Decals has produced another super sheet for an old favorite. This time, the choice of subjects is the Williams Bros. 1/32 P-35. This set comes with markings for three aircraft, all in unpainted metal. In fact, there are enough markings to do three complete aircraft.

Starting with what is on the cover sheet, the first one shown is with the 94th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group. The sheet comes with the red fuselage bands and the builder will need to match that for the red on the forward cowling.

The other is from the 17th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group with black fuselage bands. Again, the white forward cowling will need to be painted.

Not shown is the commander's plane for the 1st Pursuit Group Headquarters Squadron. While this aircraft has no fuselage bands, the cowling is in three different colors; red yellow and white to go along with the three squadrons in the Group. All of these aircraft were based at Selfridge Field in 1937-38. The Group later transitioned to the P-36. Many of us have built the 1/72 Monogram kit of the Hawk with the red markings.

Typical of Yellow Wings sheets, this set is superbly printed by Microscale and include wing walk decals and stencils, for which the instructions provide placement information.

A well done sheet that should help convince you to break out the Williams Bros kit.

September 2012

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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