Yellow Wings 32-008: BF2C-1

For: Hasegawa 1/32 kit




Scott Van Aken

Based on Curtiss' final USN fighter the F11C, the BF2C-1 incorporated Grumman's retractable landing gear into a plane that pretty well disliked by every pilot that ever flew it. Thanks to the major design difficulties of this aircraft, it was frequently breaking things and lasted less than a year in fleet service. This was with one unit, VB-5B which made its lone deployment aboard the USS Ranger in 1935.

Yellow Wings had created this sheet for the Hasegawa kit, a kit that while elderly (as plastic designs go), is still somewhat available and still makes into a nice kit. The sheet provides markings for two planes from VB-5B.

One is an aircraft of red section with a red/white cowling and a red upper wing band. Like all Ranger planes, this one had a willow Green tail section.

The other is the one Tom Cleaver used in his recent build, the section leader of blue section. This has a full blue cowling, blue wing chevron and blue fuselage band. These planes were in aluminum dope and may have had grey metal panels, but then they may well have not, so your choice. Check photo references. I don't think any were around long enough to be overhauled.

The decal sheet contains enough markings to do two of these aircraft. A n addendum sheet includes upper wing numbers and smaller 'US Navy' titles for the rear fuselage. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. Instructions offer a three view of each plane with other color notes and basic data on the aircraft itself.  Yellow Wings has to have among the finest instructions and markings placement guides offered.

July 2011

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review sample. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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