Yellow Wings 32-002: US National Insignia Part 1

For: F4F-3, F2A-1/2, SBD-1/2/3




Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the increasing number of 1/32 kits, it is a good thing to have some insignia sheets for early war planes. This particular sheet has markings that are appropriate for three aircraft; the F4F-3, F2A-1/2, and SBD-1/2/3. While there are no dedicated kits to any of these aircraft. the Wildcat and Dauntless are kitted in later variants that could be backdated. There is also an F2A supposedly to be released soon by a Czech company so that will make the triumverate complete.

As is the standard with Yellow Wings, a comprehensive guide for decal size and placement is provided with the sheet so you can get things in their proper location. A super sheet that will come in handy.

April 2006

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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