Yellow Wings Decals 48-085: USAAC P-6E #2
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Scott Van Aken

This is the second P-6E sheet from Yellow Wings Decals. Again, the kit of choice is the Lindberg kit, that has been reissued relatively recently. If you have the Classic Airframes kit, beware that the sheet is not sized for that one.

The first of the two options is from the 33rd Pursuit Squadron based at Langley Field in 1933. At this time olive drab was the color used for the fuselage. Flight surfaces are in orange/yellow. On this plane, the forward cowling is in red (which seems to have been popular), while the wheel cover was also this shade. Note that this one also does not have the outer cover of the wheel spat installed.

The other option is from 1936 and is also a Langley Field plane, this time from the 36th Pursuit Squadron. Since it is from 1936. the fuselage is in #22 Blue. It is also lacking the outer cover to the wheel pants.

The Microscale-printed decals are superb and include the fuselage stripes as well as the rudder decals. A detailed instruction sheet provides color information, and while it is geared to USN planes, the shades are the same for the Army.

November 2014

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review sample. You can get them direct from this link.

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