Yellow Wings Decals 48-084: USAAC P-6E #1
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Scott Van Aken

This next Yellow Wings Decals sheet is the first of two on the subject. It covers a pair of P-6E Hawks. Again, an older kit is the one recommended, in this case the Lindberg 1/48 P-6E. There was also another P-6E done in this scale by Classic Airframes, but the decals are sized for the Lindberg kit and there is no guarantee that the stripes and tail markings will fit.

The initial option is for a plane from the 94th Pursuit Squadron based at Selfridge Field in 1930. Army planes had all of the flight surfaces painted in orange/yellow. In this case, the fuselage is gloss olive drab. Note that this option has a red nose and has covers on the wheel pants.

The next option is from the 33rd Pursuit Squadron during the Virginia Beach summer camp in 1934. Again, orange/yellow flying surfaces (top and bottom) with a red nose and red wheel pants. Notice that the wheel cover has been removed. This was pretty normal as these would clog with mud from time to time. This time the fuselage is #22 blue.

The decal sheet is superbly printed by Microscale and includes the rudder stripes as a decal. Instructions are first rate and offer one of the largest placement guide images in the business.

December 2014

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