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Scott Van Aken

With the release of the superb 1/32 A6M2 from Tamiya, it wouldn't be long before there would be aftermarket sheets for it and here is the first. This sheet includes marking for six aircraft, all in the standard gloss grey-green of the time. This equates to FS 24201 for the metal parts and FS 24424 for the fabric. Cowlings were in black.

First up is the aircraft of Saburo Sakai when based in Rabaul during 1942.

Next is Hajimi Toyoshima's plane during the Darwin, Australia raids.

Yoshiro Hashiguchi's plane from the 3rd Air Group based in Bali, Dutch East Indies is the third option.

Fourth option is Yohisuki Arita's plane, also based at Bali. This is a presentation aircraft.

Fifth is Hideki Shingo's aircraft during the Battle of Santa Cruz. This one has the yellow wing leading edge ID bands.

Finally Shigenori Hishikachi's plane off the Hiryu during the Pearl Harbor attack.

The instruction sheet comes with a very well done historical background on each aircraft/pilot. The Hinomarus from the kit are to be used as they are nicely done and helps to keep the cost of the sheet down. There was also not room for the fuselage bands on the third and fifth aircraft so those will have to come from the sheet or be painted on. There is a lot of good information in the instructions and is worth reading.

August 2006

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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