Yellowhammer 32008: A-4F Skyhawk


$13.99 when new in 2000


Blue Angels


Scott Van Aken


All of them

This is an earlier Yellowhammer sheet and covers the Blue Angels A-4F Skyhawk. In 1/32 there is only one kit I know of, the Hasegawa kit, and while not new it is still an excellent build and well worthy of your attentions.

This sheet covers every Blue Angel A-4F from 1974 when they converted from the F-4 until 1986 when they moved to their current ride, the F-18 Hornet. The sheet provides all the numbers, names and serials for every plane flown by the team during that time period. The instructions include a chart to help you out in that area.

The builder will have to do some painting for the tips of the wings, stabs and fin, as paint looks a lot better than any decal for these areas. In all a fine sheet for Blue Angels fans.

September 2006

Review sheet courtesy of me.

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