Xtradecal X72174 Vampire T.55 Overseas operators part 2



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Scott Van Aken



Those of us who have bought the recent Airfix Vampire trainer and were less than thrilled about the markings options now have a sheet that will help fill the bill. This is one of three new sheets and covers foreign operators.

On this sheet are aircraft from Australia's 766 Squadron RAN from the late fifties in high speed silver with the standard trainer bands. Next is a Swiss version from MFS 88 in September 1990, one of the last military Vampires also in overall silver. Then we have two camouflaged versions in dark earth and dark green over silver from the Rhodesian Air Force. One is with the older markings from 1968 and the other is in the later version from 1972. Then we have a very colorful Lebanese Air Force version in silver with yellow bands as well as a red nose, wing tips and tail surfaces. Not shown are two Chilean aircraft. One from 1954 with Grupo 7 in high speed silver and the other from 1974 that is camouflaged in tan and brown uppers with light blue undersides.

The sheet includes data markings for all but the Rhodesian and Lebanese planes, for which you can use the kit markings. Not all are shown with the wing tanks, but I would bet that there were times when the carried them as there are times when those shown with tanks did not. The full color markings and painting guide provided generic color information and a reference from which each of the schemes has been taken. The decals themselves are very nicely printed with no registration errors that I could see.

A great sheet for your Airfix Vampire trainer and a sheet I have been waiting for before starting on mine.

My thanks to Julien Dixon for be so kind to send this one to me. Much appreciated.

May 2013

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