Xtradecal X72156: RAF unit anniversaries 2011/2012



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Scott Van Aken



A few years back, many RAF units celebrated anniversaries, and as is so popular nowadays, several of their aircraft were decorated to commemorate these events. In total, there are 14 different options provided on the sheet. The following is included:

100th Anniversary

2 Sqn Panavia Tornado GR.4 ZA398 RAF Marham;

3 Sqn Eurofighter EF-2000A Typhoon ZJ936 QO-C with Green tail RAF Coningsby;

4 Sqn BAe Hawk T.2 ZK020 RAF Valley;

95th Anniversary

100 Sqn Hawk T.1 95-Y XX246 or XX318 with large skull and cross bones under fuselage and dark green/dark earth spine RAF Leeming.

41 Sqn Tornado GR.4 ZA614 'Group Capt Don Finlay' Squadron CO during B of B and medal winner in 110 Metre Hurdles at 1932 and 1936 Olympics;

Eurofighter Typhoon ZK316/FA or ZK326/FB First in 1 Sqn markings RAF Leuchars 2012;

Then there are a number of helos with special anniversary markings. I have not shown these as the Sea Kings are yellow and the Chinooks a green drab.

Westland Sea King HAR.3A XZ592/H 203(R)Sqn RAF Valley at RIAT 2011; ZE370/T 202 Sqn B Flight RAF Wattisham 2011; ZH545/Z 22 Sqn RAF Valley at RIAT 2011, all with '70 Years of Life Saving' logo and 'RAF SAR 70' badge or 2009 with 50 Years badge;

Boeing Chinook HC.2 ZA714/AV 18 Sqn or ZH895/HJ 27 Sqn both RAF Odiham 2011 with 'Commemorating 30 Years of Chinook' operations on rear engine pylon.

The decals are nicely done and it seems you can do one of each type with what comes on the sheet. Instructions are nicely done and in full color. In some cases, recommended paints and kits are provided as well. Apparently all of the references are from Internet photos so you should find those useful as well.

For those interested in modern British aircraft or special schemes, this sheet should be worth seeking.

February 2014

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