Xtradecal X72203: Bristol Blenheim I/IV


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Scott Van Aken



One nice thing about Xtradecal is that when a new Airfix kit gets released, it won't be long before we see a new decal sheet. This sheet covers eleven markings options for the various Blenheim kits released by Airfix. These options cover the time when the Blenheim was still a front line aircraft. This basically means from the start of the war until 1942 or so. Even then, the type was sent to 'backwater' areas where the opposition wasn't so strong. They were also useful in Coastal Command for the long, boring patrols that were necessary.

Four options are for the early Blenheim I and include the heavy fighter version. These planes cover 229, 114 and 29 Squadrons RAF as well as 787 Squadron with the FAA. For the Blenheim IV, which was built in greater numbers, we have 53, 113, 11/14, 248, 89, and 1 Check and Conversion Unit RAF as well as 771 Squadron FAA.

The instructions provide both side profiles for each option as well as upper and lower images to help with applying the camouflage. Decals themselves are superbly printed.

Well worth picking up as there are some pretty interesting options included on this sheet.

November 2020

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