Xtradecal X72196: 70th Anniversary D-Day part 3




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Scott Van Aken


USAAF types

Here is the third of several new sheets from Xtradecal celebrating the 70th anniversary of D-day. This one concentrates on USAAF 8th and 9th Air Force types, so not unexpectedly, there are a lot of fighters on this one. In common with the previous sheets, this one has a ton of options. In fact, it is easier for me to provide a link to Hannants so you can see them all.

We are provided unique markings for twelve different aircraft and insignia for many of them as listed below. These are mostly in olive drab over neutral grey camouflage, but some of the options are in unpainted metal. All the P-47s are razorbacks and most Mustangs are not bubbletops. A nice addition is a thin silver surround for some of the fuselage insignia.

P-51B Mustang 43-6523 YF-E 358thFS, 355thFG Lt Charles W.Blair 'Leakin Lizz' Steeple Morden; 43-12375 FT-E 353rdFS, 354thFG Capt D.M.Beerbower 'Bonnie B' Lashenden. This aircraft has a Malcolm Hood and a fin fillet; 42-106434 GQ-B 355thFS,354thFG Lt William B.King 'Atlanta Peach' Lashenden. This aircraft is in unpainted metal as the the P-51D and F-6C; P-51D Mustang 44-13309 A9-A 380thFS,353rdFG Maj E.M.McCall 'Fool's Paradise IV' A.7 Azeville; F-6C Mustang 42-103368 5M-G Capt John F.Hoelker 15thTRS,10thPG (Reccon), St Dizier

P-47D 42-76584 QI-U 161stFS,356thFG Lt Ronald J.Upp 'Zombie' Martlesham Heath. This aircraft has a Malcolm Hood; 42-25846 R3-G 410thFS,373rdFG A-29 St James, France. This aircraft is in unpainted metal; 43-22515 UN-T 63rdFS, 56thFG Capt W.L.Flag 'Ann K', Boxted

P-38J E6-X 402ndFS,370thFG Andover; 43-28714 L2-L 434thFS, 479thFG 'Lucky Lady' Wattisham; F-5E Lightning 43-28619 27thPRS, 7thPG(R) 'Rita Ruth' Mount Farm, Oxon. This aircraft is in overall PRU Blue

Douglas C-47A Skytrain 42-92717 8Y-S 98th Troop Carrier Sqn,44th TCG, Exeter.

There are no kits specified for any of the markings, but by their nature, they should fit pretty much any appropriate kit. The Skytrain marking would be perfect for the new Airfix kit. Instructions are very well done with not only profiles, but also upper and lower views with notes pertaining to how wide the stripes are for each plane. A great sheet and a perfect way to get some of those Mustang, Lightning, Thunderbolt, and Skytrain kits off your shelf and onto the work bench.

My thanks to Hannants for the review sheet. You can get yours at this link.

July 2014

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